Our company

IØJXX plans and commercialize proprietary solutions with a high technological content, both for HAM sector and for broadcast and commercial sectors. Furthermore, where required, it provides also professional employed network with a consolidated experience in the field of systems RF and microwave design, manageable with proprietary FW programmed processors, of a high performance and technology printed circuit boards.

The IØJXX“ core business” is the design and the electromechanical realization of all kind of antennas systems.

Furthermore, we provides an apparatus composed by vectors and scalars network, spectrum analyzers, summarized generators, noise figure meter, peak power meter, oscilloscopes etc. that let us to make systems measures up to 40 GHz.

Synthetized Function Generator HP3325BCentro di Lavoro ADIR C
Network Analyzer R & S ZVH4 Calibration Kit FSH-Z29Fresa CNC Gualdoni
S- Parameter HP 8504AForatrice 4 Teste Mecal
S- Parameter HP 8504BTroncatrice Omga T50l
Spectrum Analyzer HP 8562ASega a Nastro DAMATO
Spectrum Analyzer HP 8591EForatrice CNC Decsia 2 m.
Noise Figure Meter HP N8973ATrapano Serrmac V22E
Power Meter Agilent EPM 441APress Galato 10 ton.
Universal Counter HP 53131ATornio Grazioli
Dummy Load Bird 8251Pressa Radiale EU38MIC
Network Analyzer HP 8720A & Calibration Kit CNC Isel CPM 4030


IØJXX di Donzello Rosanna
Via della Fattoria di Torrenova 36 - 00133 Roma
Tel. & Fax 06 - 27858223 Cell. 3282899664
Partita Iva: 09527381009 – C.F. DNZRNN62M44L736F
CCIAA Rea RM 1201458
dev.halkoo.com/i0jxx info@i0jxx.com

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